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First, the Southern lights in 2009

※ Shenzhen Australis Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established and officially put into operation

※ Annual investment of 0.15 million yuan, annual sales of 0.3 million yuan

※ The number of employees is 260, and the monthly production capacity is above 1KK

※ The mold room workshop and injection molding workshop are officially put into use, and more than 20 automatic imported equipment for mold making and injection molding are introduced

2. 2010

※ Obtained ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification

※ The injection molding workshop has been expanded and 16 automatic injection molding machines have been imported

※ The first automatic film laminating machine production line is officially put into operation

※ Introduction of information management, easy to help ERP smoothly online trial operation

※ Annual investment of 20 million yuan, total number of 550 people, sales of 70 million yuan

※ Successfully transformed into the domestic first-line brand market

3. 2011

※ Won the honorary title of "National high-tech industrialization display Technology Demonstration Enterprise"

※ Passed ISO14001:2004 Environmental system certification

※ Obtained a number of design patents, including: LED backlight anti-slant structure, new LED backlight solder joint structure, new film structure LED backlight, etc

※ Put in 3 automatic lines, the monthly production capacity is more than 2.5KK

※ The mold technology has made a breakthrough, taking the lead in the industry to use side-feeding technology, and the core technology of light guide plate molding is leading in the industry

※ Annual investment of 35 million yuan, the total number of people up to 800

4. 2012

※ The company promotes and achieves compliance with EU ROHS standards for all products

※ Take the lead in introducing the impact point process of light guide plate in the industry

※ SMT workshop into SONY fully automated high-speed assembly line two

※ The company was rated as "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise"

※ The annual investment is 0.3 million yuan, and the total number of people is 1,200

5. 2013

※ The company promotes and achieves halogen-free standards for all products

※ The company was rated as "National high-tech Enterprise"

※ Expand the new plant and re-plan the layout of each workshop

※ The introduction of 4 automatic laminated film assembly lines, greatly improving production capacity

※ New die-cutting machine, slitting machine, waste removal machine, film protector, more than 10 sets of production equipment

※ Added 4 automatic film assembly lines, making the company's production capacity into the first in the industry

※ Annual investment of 0.4 million yuan, the total number of people up to 1,600

6. 2014

※ The company expanded production capacity, and two new plants were put into production, with a production area of 20,000 square meters

※ The company has passed QC080000 system certification

※ The company has passed ISO/TS16949 system certification

※ Annual investment of 80 million yuan, a new batch of imported advanced equipment, SONY automatic mounting line up to 5, automatic assembly line up to 20, imported injection molding machine up to 60 sets, the monthly production capacity of finished products up to 7KK

※ Information management system upgrade, SAP-ERP system officially launched, improve the internal management level

※ As of 2014, the cumulative total investment has reached 220 million yuan

※ In cooperation with Shenzhen University, we established the "Antarctic Optoelectronic Adult College Class" to enhance the talent strategy

7. 2015

※ Approved to set up "Guangdong Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation"

※ Fully realize the automatic assembly of pre-processing, reducing the dependence on manpower

* ISO9001 quality system, 14001 environmental management system changed

8. 2016

※ Promote full-station CCD automatic alignment assembly equipment

※ Promote automated testing equipment

※ Toshiba Ultra-Precision Machining (V-CUT) introduced

※ Promote the automatic cutting equipment of light guide plate nozzle

※ Cooperate with Shenzhen University and other universities to ensure the introduction of professional talents

9, 2017

※ Import PLM management system

※ Fully import AOI testing equipment

※ Promote the application of compression die

※ Set up Shenzhen University Aurora Australis College class, undergraduate class, Shenzhen Vocational College college class, enhance talent strategy

10. 2018

※ Complete IPO share reform

※ New purchase of light guide injection molding machine, automatic cutting machine and other automatic equipment

※ Xinqiao new plant renovation put into use, expand the scale of production

※ Industrial land purchase and construction planning

* Participate in the study and discussion of the 2018 Academic Annual meeting of the Holographic and Optical Information Processing Committee

11. 2019

※ Songgang factory is fully put into use, and several new injection molding machines for light guide plate have been purchased

* Won the honor of "Guangdong Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation (2018-2021)"

※ Won the honor of "Annual High Growth Enterprise" in the list of China's new entrepreneurial Enterprises

※ Shortlisted in the list of "the 6th Shenzhen Top 100 Independent Innovation smes"

※ GEM listing information declaration